Yoga Workshops

Diving in deeply…On a regular basis we organise Yoga workshops and Yoga retreats. In the Yoga workshops you get the chance to intensify your Yoga practice and get a closer look at different aspects of Yoga.

In a yoga workshop, a small group of yoga students with one or two yoga teachers work intensively on a theme. A yoga workshop ranges from a normal yoga lesson of 75 or 90 minutes to a full-day or even several-day workshop.

El Palmar Yoga has already offered a wide range of yoga workshops. For example a yin yoga workshop, ayurveda & yoga workshop, acro yoga workshop, a chakra workshop and much more. There has even been a whole yoga week with different focus on Pranayama, Meditation or Yoga Nidra. Here are some examples of recent workshops:

Yoga Workshop: The Art of Arm-Balancing

Build confidence, stamina through arm balancing and the love of play! Arm-balances can be empowering postures that teach us not only about our inner strength, but about our innate playfulness, courage, and our ability to create lightness and space.

Yoga Workshop: Acro-Vinyasa-Flow

This Yoga workshop invites you to  connect, trust and play.
It is open to all levels, no partner required and beginners welcome! ACROVINYASA™ Yoga takes yoga from earth to air. Uniting elements of Vinyasa, inversion training and acroyoga, this practice cultivates trust and community in a powerful way.
Tip: Take enough water or tea with you as well as small snacks that provide your body with the necessary energy, e.g. bananas, energy balls. Yoga workshops can be very challenging.