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The A-frame Yoga House is the Yoga studio in El Palmar for Yoga, Pilates and Dance. Located right on the beach you can see, smell and hear the ocean from your mat.

Yoga Styles – Yoga El Palmar

In our timetable you can find classes in Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and Anusara Yoga as well as Pilates and Zoomba. All classes are open to drop in spontaneously or you can sign up for a discounted monthly subscription.

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We offer Yoga for beginners and advanced yogis alike. The Yoga classes are open to all levels.

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Classes & Teachers

Here are examples of some of our different yoga classes. For more information on these and other classes such as Zoomba and Pilates, please head over to the Classes & Teachers page.





Joaquín’s style is a mixture of Vinyasa, in a very occidental way, but also influenced by the mysticism of other practices like Hatha Yoga and Kundalini.

It is always supported by the musical and personal atmosphere of a very poetical, sensitive and flexible style. His classes are dynamic but also introspective and always oriented to the needs and challenges of the students.




I have practised  Yoga for 15 years, of which I have dedicated 6 to teaching, on this thousand year path.
I trained in Hatha Yoga and Breathing and Meditation Techniques at The International Vishwaguru Yoga and Meditation Institute.
Being a student of various teachers it is inevitable that during my classes the influence of different techniques is apparent, although in the end, and in my view, alll Yoga is one.
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A class of Hatha Yoga includes the practice of different asanas (Yoga postures) that combine the movement with natural breathing. In this way and through an attitude of full awareness of what we are doing, the practice ceases to be a merely physical exercise and leads instead to a deep integration of body and mind.
The practice of asana helps us to develop a balanced, strong, flexible and healthy body at all levels. The asanas benefit all the systems of the body: muscular, digestive, hormonal, circulatory, glandular, nervous and energetic. Regular practice activates and empowers the body as a whole organism, elevating the immune system, calming the mood and harmonizing all its psychosomatic functions.
The classes last one and a half hours. We start lying or sitting, dedicating this time to connect with ourselves, putting ourselves more in touch with our body and our breathing. We then perform a sequence of asanas, with an emphasis on correct execution and alignment, to deepen their healing and revitalizing effects. The session ends with various forms of relaxation and / or meditation that reinforce and integrate all the benefits of the practice.


Hatha Yoga

‘A supple spine is a young spine’

In this class we focus on flexibility and articular mobility, emphasizing the spine. You will work on your strength, muscle tone, alignment, balance and coordination, breath and body awareness, mental calm and conscious practice in a non-competitive environment of acceptance and good energy.



Hatha Yoga

Yoga with Helena is an experience in trust. Using breathing, visualisation, Chi-Kung, Kundalini, Vinyasa and Iyengar Yoga tecniques among other tools to focus on the necessities that come up in the moment with the participants.



Diving in deeply…On a regular basis we organise workshops and Yoga retreats. Here you get the chance to intensify your Yoga practice and explore different aspects of Yoga.
Contact us for more information on upcoming workshops or see the Workshops page for details of previous events like these:

Yoga Retreats

At the A-Frame Surf & Yoga Camp in El Palmar

A-Frame Yoga Retreats are based at our neighbouring Surf & Yoga Camp and come together with accommodation close to the studio as well as delicious, healthy food. The courses can also be booked separately. You can even combine a yoga retreat with an action-packed surfing holiday.

Here we are – right on the beach!

Do you want to join us for some Yoga in El Palmar? We are located right on the beach. Look at the map below for the exact location.

A-Frame Yoga House & Surf Camp

A-FRAME YOGA HOUSE  +34 686424365

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